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The Placebo effect: Mr Wright, a dying cancer patient with tumours the size of apples took this new experimental wonder drug & fully recovered. Read his amazing story here.


Safe kid’s jokes with an image quiz too. The best one’s still make us laugh and I’ve added some new and original one’s too. All the jokes are of the “What do you call a girl with a laptop on her head?” type.

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Limescale build-up in your kitchen appliances, taps, toilet & shower are a real pain. This article has tips on scale removal & the possible health implications of limescale in your drinking water.


Isaac Cline, a metrologist, helped convince Galveston not to build a sea wall. 9 years later 12000 lives, including Cline’s pregnant wife, were lost when a massive hurricane hit the island. Read the full story.


Not all TV shows make it to the UK & the U.S so here are my picks from across the pond that you may have missed. I’ve watched every episode of each show featured and given them a % rating, just for you.


50 Marmite facts you will love, or maybe hate! Did you know you shouldn’t eat Marmite with some types of medication? Or that it helped eradicate a disease? There’s a ton of stuff in this post that will wow you, it’s the yeast I could do!


Dr. Edward Jenner observed how milkmaids were immune to smallpox & he turned this observation into a vaccine. He has saved millions lives. But this wasn’t achieved without the use of some pretty dodgy medical practices, read on…


The Tuskegee syphilis experiment, was a study that lasted 40 years, & It only ended because of a “whistle-blower”. A true life conspiracy theory that was in fact real.


The Bridgend suicides. What caused 79 youngsters from a small UK county to commit suicide over a 5 year period? Was it a cult or something even more sinister?


Padre Pietro Lavini was known world-wide as “God’s builder”, the nick-name attributed to him by the Pope, & for a very good reason, he took on a task of herculean proportions.


RockBitch were A group of English feminists that made amazing music and performed a live porn show that shocked Europe to the core, this post is for 18+ only as it contains graphic nudity and sexual scenes.


The Burj Khalifa Tower in Dubai is a truly amazing feat of engineering. Standing a massive 2,722 feet high, it is the tallest building in the world, Take in some astonishing facts and figures about it here.


El Chapo, the Houdini drug lord has pulled off another great escape from a Mexican maximum security prison, but this time with some extravagant style.


Escalator accidents. I look at 3 escalator accidents in China. In the first incident a heroic mum saves her child as she is literally eaten by an escalator and it’s all on video. Parental guidance advised.