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Bridgend suicides mystery – why did 79 kids die? — 7 Comments

  1. 79 SUICIDES and the rest its more than 79 well over a hundred not including some who jumped in front of trains others who shot themselves and others who drove off clifs . One thing interesting is at the credits at the end of bridgend suicides you will find the name Darlow this guy use to own Darlows Estate agents in wales so why would Mr Darlow fund a group of people and film crew from usa to investigate the bridgend suicides for over 2 yrs ???? there are other thibgs that just sit right with these sucides i fear all is not what it seems .

  2. Is suicide the ultimate expression of free will?

    What we call suicide would be the ultimate expression of free will, but it is not.
    A man decides life is not worth living and so seemingly ends his life? I use the term seemingly, because that is what it is.

    I once heard a preacher say that the scriptures are quiet on the matter of suicide and so there was no bar at which to judge the matter. I didn’t trust what he was saying and did a study. He was wrong, there is a bar, and in scripture there was never a suicide or self-destruction.

    Not only are the birth and the circumstances into which a man is born predetermined. His life and manner of death is also ruled over and brought to a conclusion. The means of the conclusion are not in the will and power of man, but rather in the will and power of the Eternal Almighty.

    There are a few men in scripture that wanted Yah Veh to end their lives, but He never fulfilled their desire. What may have seemed to be suicide/self-destruction was destruction by the Almighty.

    To remove the Sovereign right of the Creator to fulfill His threat, ‘’thou shalt surely die’’ and prevent Him paying ‘’the wages of sin, which is death’’, by His own hand is to deny Him the Sovereign right to do so.

    Payday is not the choice nor decision of the worker of iniquity.

    Self-destruction is simply not possible. When the Eternal hands a soul over for destruction there is nothing that can stay His hand. And likewise there is nothing that can force His hand.

    When someone dies there is one that has the cause of death in His power. The first cause of life is the paymaster at death.

    Destroy and all related words appear 538 times in scripture. If anyone would like to deny the Almighty of His right in destruction I would strongly suggest you first read those verses.

    The purpose of this post is to ensure the power and glory, in all matters, are seen and rejoiced in whenever we are witness to His judgments. 1.8 people a second leave time for eternity. The word accident doesn’t appear once in scripture.

    The word judge, judgments and all related words appear 759 times and are worth a study.

  3. I was brought up in the Bridgend area (Kenfig Hill) and was a bright individual with temporal lobe epilepsy. Those in authority used the epilepsy to undermine my intelligence and my intelligence to undermine my care needs and disability entitlements. I was subjected to twenty years of oppression (1973 to 1993; age 12 to 32) and not let progress at my natural rate but was persecuted every time I outperformed others. It was a bit like being voted off by cowards on The Weakest Link for being too strong where they look for excuses to persecute the brighter. Since relocating to the Blackpool area of Lancashire and undergoing brain surgery I have rebuilt my life and made some progress rising above what these cowards in authority tried to get me perceived as. An empty one litre jug can hold more than a full pint jug; but just because the pint jug holds more doesn’t mean it has more capacity. This is typical of the privileged who are “full” of themselves when they come across brighter people from disadvantaged backgrounds. I wouldn’t be surprised if the victims were bright from poor backgrounds and vulnerable so got undermined by the pretentious in authority. There are suggestion that they could have been experimented on by consultants and drugs companies for financial gains. They nearly drove me to suicide but I didn’t let them control me with the medication they prescribed me and am now living life to the full.

  4. This was a interesting read. I myself am from. Bridgend and was 18 when the spate of suicides started. Everyone speculated why, but no one really put themselves in the shoes of these victims. Bridgend is a town where the children and teenagers live with little hope of prospect or future, they live in a culture of…. Take anti depressants to controlling your lows and take drugs to control your highs. I can start d testament to this as I was one, the use of alcohol and drugs in teenagers form 13 to 18 is rife, but it’s something that is simply described as “part of growing up” in bridgend. Until this issue is seriously tackled, I fear suicides will only continue or worse rise.

  5. I have learnt many secrets. This is for me linked to occultism. Which had been on the rise in wales bigtime. People seek power I would predict this link power was something all the kids wud ask for.

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